4 Learning Management Systems (LMS) That Could Change Your Life

Life Changing Learning Management Systems

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Published November 12, 2020


After much research, you have finally arrived at the point of realising that an LMS is the solution to all your e-learning online business dreaming! The dreams can now become a reality and your courses can add value to people all around the world. If you have not got to this point, I would recommend reading the article, ‘What is an LMS?’. One of the most difficult decisions you will need to make in the online creation is what Learning Management System you choose to use. Here are 4 examples of really great LMS systems.


TalentLMS is an award-winning LMS and over 70 000 organisations are using it! It is a cloud-based LMS that allows small to medium businesses to train employees, customers and anyone that you want to train. It is also affordable which is a huge plus in these economically challenging days. There is a real live team of people that can help you set up and answer all your questions. Here are some examples of TalentLMS’s enticing features:

  • Very user-friendly: you can use your training materials or build something from scratch. You can be up and running in a day! TalentLMS is also really easy for people to use. Your learners will instinctively know how to use the material and navigate themselves.
  • Easy access to training: your members can access training on a desktop, a phone, an i-pad, anytime of day. 
  • Connect face-to-face: TalentLMS allows you to host virtual training sessions. We are living in an age where people are craving personal contact. 
  • Reporting system: it is always essential for the trainer to know how his students are faring. TalentLMS generates clear reports about everything that happens in the system. You can know exactly how your learners are progressing and performing. 


Docebo was established in 2005 and it is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. It ranks as one of the top cloud-based Learning Management Systems and has won many awards to prove this. It’s complex and super design enables customers, employees and partners to thoroughly enjoy their learning experience. Some great features and advantages of Docebo include the following:

  • Learning on the move: Docebo allows for a continuous learning experience anytime, any place, online as well as offline. This is possible with Docebo’s award winning app! 
  • Pages: The Docebo Pages allow the user to personalise the interface of the learning experience according to the customer’s need. 
  • Content Marketplace: The user is able to have access to amazing e-learning content, embedded within his LMS software! 
  • Gamification: The world today loves a good digital game. Docebo allows gamification mechanics to be plugged into the online courses. This aids both in engagement and completion of tasks. 


Almost everyone has heard of WordPress. Learndash is a WORDPRESS LMS. Companies, Universities, training businesses and entrepreneurs all around the world use and trust Learndash to create, showcase and sell their e-learning courses online. Some notable features of the Learndash LMS are as follows:

  • Learndash Focus Mode: This mode has eliminated all clutter and allows your course material to be the central piece. It helps to increase the learner’s retention of information as well as the learner’s completion rates. 
  • Course Builder: Learndash has a very user-friendly and powerful course builder. Any person, no matter their background, can create and load up a course.
  • Advanced Quizzing: Learndash provides eight different questions. It also provides the user with the opportunity to customise the quiz/test experience.
  • Course Points: The Learndash system awards points to the student once he has completed his courses and unlocks new ones. 


LearnPress is a detailed WordPress LMS Plugin. With this plugin, the user is very quickly and easily able to create e-learning courses online. No coding knowledge is required in order to do this. Some features and advantages of LearnPress include the following:

  • LearnPress is for FREE: The core LearnPress plugin is for free and there are many free extensions available.
  • LearnPress is continuously being developed and improved: LearnPress is a work in the making. The developers aim is to make LearnPress a world-class WordPress LMS plugin. As a result, they are continuously improving and developing it.
  • Badges and point system: this available to the students.
  • More than one instructor: The LearnPress plugin allows for 2 or 3 instructors to manage one course. 


To choose the correct Learning Management System is of great importance. If you feel unsure and overwhelmed about your choice, it maybe wise to seek wise counsel. The team at www.geniusseries.co.za are passionate about seeing people and organisations getting their training out to the world. They are LMS Solution Specialists! Please contact them for more information if need be. 

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