Truths About Launching Your Own Online Business

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Published November 10, 2020

I want to share with you 5 brutal truths about creating your own online business. I was a Speech Therapist by profession. I loved teaching children in a real setting and loved working in a dynamic team of physical people. I then fell pregnant with our first child and was presented with the dilemma of whether to continue my career or be a stay at home mother.

My husband introduced me to the online world and suggested we create an educational product for young children. What a wonderful thought! Firstly, I could teach everything I knew and was passionate about to children all over the globe, all at one time! Secondly, I could be at home with my own children. Thirdly, it would make us rich!

Creating Your Own Online Business is Difficult 

I think if someone had told me just how hard this online world would be, I am not sure I would have embarked on such a journey. Fortunately, I have a husband who is stubborn and determined and he has encouraged me to march on. I failed dismally with one of the courses I created and gave up for about a year and a half.

With my husband’s persuasion, I picked up my pen and brainstormed ideas of how I could try again! Creating your own online business is difficult but if you can endure the hardship, the reward is certainly great. At least I am sure it will be! You really learn to embrace failure. It does help to have children as this is what we teach them….one really has to practice what they preach here. 

Creating Your Own Online Business Does Not Make You Rich Quickly

I have taken 8 years to create my ‘product’, amidst childbearing, child-rearing, deaths, near bankruptcy, moves, a pandemic and all the trials that the human race experiences. I never once considered the financial cost required to start an online business. Surely I can do it for free? My husband had a training business that funded our online business. He also had his own product that he had taken years to create and poured millions into it.

He was finally making some return on it and was suddenly slammed into Facebook prison for reasons unknown to us or our business coach. It was impossible to get hold of human to tell us what crime we had committed and so remained in prison for months. I have yet to make money on my business but have once again I am fortunate enough to have a husband who has believed in the product enough to fund it.  

Creating Your Own Online Business is Time Consuming

I was under the impression that having my own online business would provide me with bucket loads of leisure time. How wrong I was! I do believe however that this will be the case, once the business is successful and working. Until this time, it needs hours and hours of one’s time. 

Creating Your Own Online Business Requires you to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I never dreamed that I would have to create my own videos, write for magazines, cold call companies, film testimonials. Often there are not funds to outsource the projects so you have to learn how to do it yourself! From a personal perspective cold calling was my most challenging task to date! I would often end up in tears after a day of cold calling and it would take days to recover emotionally.  

Creating Your Own Online Business Requires Persistence and Perseverance

When creating an online business, one needs persistence and perseverance. Or at least a partner who has these qualities. 


It is always helpful to know the truth and reality of something before running head first into it. I think the proverbs of King Solomon are extremely helpful when it comes to creating your own online business; ‘Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed’.

We have learnt to seek wise counsel in so many areas and it has helped us immensely with our business. I would recommend reading the following article,  6 Useful Tips to Consider Before Creating Your Own Online Business. If I had read such an article before embarking on this route, this article may not have been necessary. 

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