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Published November 1, 2020

Many of us have only attended Harvard University in our dreams. Believe it or not, Harvard University offers a wide range of free courses. Click on this link to view them.  We are living in serious trialling times, especially in the arena of economics. The adjective ‘free’ should immediately perk up your spirits. 


Introduction to Digital Humanities

This course is so exciting that it is in fact ‘trending’ on the Harvard site. This course suits all humanitarian walks of life, including a librarian and a museum curator and is especially relevant in our digital day and age.  To find out more about this Harvard free course online click on the following link.


PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude

If you are interested in the wonderful topic of navigation, then this is the course is just for you! It explores the history of navigation, from stars to satellites. Humans, since the beginning of time have been navigating. Tools and techniques have been developed, throughout the ages to aid this skill. Click on this link to find out more about this Harvard free online course. 


Modern Masterpieces of World Literature

We are so used to studying the literature from the ancient world such as Shakespeare. What about the modern writer and his masterpiece? This course investigates how these writers view the minute details of the global world we are now living in. How does the writer break the national and linguistic barriers of this global world? To find out more click on this link


Japanese Books: From Manuscript to Print

In the Western world, we read a ‘book’. This can be a physical book or it can be an e-book. Every book has a standard format and that is what we know and what we are taught. This is not the case in Japan. Their idea of a ‘book’ is a lot broader. It includes scrolls and albums. This course examines and dissects the Japanese scroll art as text and shows how the reader or viewer is exposed visually to the story. The scrolls are described as ‘little movies’. To find out more about this fascinating art click the following link


Tangible Things

If you have ever been curious about museums, libraries and all that resides in such buildings then this is the course for you. You will learn about how the people namely curators, preservationists, historians and archivists who run these institutions, do what they do? To find out more about the Harvard free online course, click on this link.


The Einstein Revolution

We all know the name Einstein and innately know that he is a really clever man. Many of us however don’t know just how remarkable his brain was. How fascinating it would be to stretch our own minds and tap into his work on subjects such as relativity, quantum mechanics, Nazism, nuclear weapons, philosophy, the arts and technology. Click on this link to find out more.


Money, Markets and Morals (edX)

Money, markets and morals, brings to mind the following of King Solomon’s proverbs: Diverse weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good. For years, these words have thrilled me. I have contemplated them and wondered about them and attempted to understand them. This course aids in the development of ethical, reasoning skills as one considers the moral limits of markets. Click on this link to find out more about this Harvard free online course.


To the Humanities Student, I hope you have enjoyed reading about the above Harvard free courses online and have picked one or two to immerse yourself in. If none of them were appealing there are many others that you can choose from. Click on the following link to choose more of the Humanities Harvard free courses online.

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