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SAHCS project


Southern African HIV Clinicians Society LMS


SAHCS needed to consolidate courses from a variety of different LMS platforms into one user-friendly, central platform. Further, the LMS needed to support thousands of professional students and offer detailed reporting options for SAHCS to be able to share information with USAID and other international funders.

our solution

For the project, we created an LMS that was scalable and which provided insight to user progress and results based on a multitude of requirements. Professional medical video presentations and case studies, as well as slides and quizzes, were created in partnership. Today more than 1600 professionals are using the LMS.


Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) LMS


GBCSA required a major upgrade of their old LMS. The system needed to host some of their older SCORM based e-Learning courses as well as new aXPI based content to allow for more detailed reporting options. The system needed to be intuitive, fast, customisable and include a webinar functionality.

our solution

We created a new LMS which was based on the latest available technology, hosted on one of the fastest, reliable and secure servers in the world. A number of plug-ins were procured including a webinar option. The look and feel of the LMS and the newly created content was aligned to GBCSA’s new corporate identity.


BConsult LMS


BConsult required support from our team to create a brand aligned, new and intuitive LMS website and convert their accredited SETA learnerships into e-Learning content. The LMS had to meet SETA requirements for online training and be adaptable to meet future requirements of the SETAs and QCTO.

our solution

We built a LMS system for BConsult which is very simple to use for learners. The system meets the authentication requirements of the SETA’s and has multiple different user profiles for learners, facilitators, assessors, moderators and external moderators. Further the system can be easily extended by additional plug-ins should there be additional requirements in the future. 


Artisan Training Institute (ATI) LMS


ATI reached out to us to build a LMS with them to offer their full courses on an e-Learning platform to thousands of students. The project included converting content as well as the building of the LMS. 

our solution

Together with ATI we created a vast amount of professional video based training content, which is hosted in a simple and intuitive LMS. The LMS can be easily expand with ATI’s needs and can be white-labeled should there be a need to provide the content and the LMS to other companies in the future.

Client Reviews

"Sincere advice and solutions from the get-go. Genius Series don’t feel like an outsourced supplier, but rather part of my business.

We (BConsult) had been investigating e-learning for quite some time but COVID-19 pushed us to take the plunge.  It was Genius Series’ “no pressure, this must be right for you” approach that sold us. 100% accessibility means zero delays, so we get help whenever we need it.”

Tracey Mc Clennan

Owner – BConsult

“In the health space, speed is everything. Genius Series keeps us agile and continues to meet tight (near impossible) deadlines…

Natalie Martyn

Head of Programs – SAHCS
(Southern African HIV Clinicians Society)

"4 Years of exceptional delivery. Great advice and guidance without fail…

Brett Wood

Managing Director – SalesGuru.co.za

“An innovative, passionate bunch of digital nerds! It was time to give Google and Siri a break…!

Andre Steyn

Financial Director at Artisan Training Institute